Baccarat originates from the European games “Chemin de fer” and “Punto Banco” and continues to be a mysterious game for many. This is quite a pity, because it is actually a fairly simple card game. Although baccarat seems quite complicated at first glance, we hope that our articles will prove the opposite. Here you can find an overview of the game, the basic rules and everything you always wanted to know about baccarat.

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Baccarat is a game which is quite easy to learn. While it seems to be quite complicated at first sight, as soon as one has become familiar with the rules and strategy, it will be a children’s game. To make sure you do not have to put your own money at risk, it is recommended to start playing the game free of charge online. This way you can learn the game and prove your skills without risking your own money. Most of our casinos offer a free demo version, so you can play the game without hesitation.

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Baccarat belongs to the category of casino games in the online casino and is normally led under the table games or table games. Anyone who logs in to a casino and makes a deposit automatically qualifies for a casino bonus or welcome bonus. Here the first deposit is adjusted to a certain percentage up to a maximum amount. In clear terms this means that the first deposit is usually doubled and you can play with twice the amount of money. Although baccarat is one of the casinos, there are certain rules for baccarat in the online casino terms, so it is sometimes only 10% in the bonus. If you are only playing baccarat in the online casino, it is recommended to compare the bonuses on the net or with us before a bonus activation and read the bonus conditions well, so that there is no bad awakening at the end.

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The goal of baccarat is to collect points and to get as close to the sum as possible. The cards have certain values ​​and it is of clear advantage to know about this notice. Following are a few examples of the different map values:

Ass has the value 1
Cards with the value 2 to 9 correspond to the same value as shown on the map.
The cards 10 and all picture cards have the value 0.
It is not possible at all to get a value higher than 9, so in this case 10 points of the entire map value are subtracted. Sounds complicated, but it is not. Flaring a few examples of how the cards are summed up:

If you get a hand from 2 and 6, then the total value is 8, is not above 9 and is therefore retained.
If you get a hand from 6 and a king, then the total value is 6 (6 + 0 = 6), is not above 9 and is therefore retained.
However, if you get a hand of 7 and 8, the sum is 15 above the maximum sum 9. In this case 10 points are deducted and you get a total sum of 5 which is kept.
The perfect hand is a total value of 9 for baccarat and can be achieved for example by a 6 and a 3, or an 8 and an ace. When these hands are obtained directly, they are called “natural hands”.

How to play baccarat

When the game starts, the player and the bank (the casino) each receive two cards that are all face down on the game table. You make your bet and the cards are revealed. The hand that is closer to a total of 9 wins. If the player and the bank have the same grand total in their hand, the bet is repaid and the round is over. As with any card game, you can also draw cards, but there are certain rules. A detailed guide can also be found in our article baccarat rules.