Blackjack strategy

Seven tips on Blackjack strategy

Blackjack is a great game with a long history that dates back to the seventeenth century. Many believe that this is the best card game in the whole world. Among the many reasons why this game is so popular with players is the fact that Blackjack is more than just a game of chance and it involves techniques and skills. Nowadays the online version if this game has become almost as popular as its land based one. But it requires quite different strategies and makes the things even easier for those who play online. The aim of this article is to make you familiar with the best strategies for playing online blackjack.

blackjack strategy

It is important to choose the right table.

Any respected online casino will offer its players a choice of several versions of blackjack. A players task is to find the table where dealer stands at seventeen in order to make the house edge as low as possible. Plus, a table has to offer the double down feature. And as a player can be sure that a dealer will stand at seventeen he should just remember he will need at least eighteen in total if he wants to win the hand. And he should also remember that the dealer can go bust.

A player should use the double down option.

A player who uses the double down feature whenever he can do so uses the best online blackjack strategies. Such a player usually does it when he has a ten-value card or an ace, because if he gets one more ten it would almost guarantee his win. When a player doubles down he actually places one more bet of such a value as the 1st one. But a player should remember that when he does so he has committed to stand when the 2nd card is down.

It is important to know when to split cards.

The players whose first 2 cards have similar value are offered to make a split and place the second bet of the same value as the 1st one. And since it gives a chance to double the winnings it can be really great. Still a player can get double losses too! So it is not wise to split tens, nines and fives because they give a good chance to beat the dealer. At the same time is can be useful to split eights, sevens and sixes as they do not give a good chance of winning without splitting them. A player should also split Aces right away as this gives a chance to get 2 blackjacks.

Buying insurance is useless.

In case the first card a dealer gets is an Ace he will offer the player insurance. In fact it is a side bet for the perspective if the dealer gets blackjack it pays two to one. It can look really tempting but it is still not wise to take insurance because a player will not profit from in the long run as the dealer can in fact get blackjack 1/3 of the time. All the insurance does is actually making the house edge higher. So it does not look like a good thing for a player.

In case a dealer has got four, five or six a player should stand on any hand over eleven

This strategy is probably the basic one for those who play blackjack online and yet too many players take it for granted. Many choose to hit even when the total is twelve or thirteen even in case a dealer has got four, five or six. So they just forget that the dealer would draw one more card even in case he gets a 10. He simply must hit if he holds sixteen or lower. That is the reason why wise players would in such cases rather stand and wait till the dealer goes bust instead of doing so themselves.

It is wise to stand at seventeen or more.

A player who stands when he has got seventeen does a good thing for sure. No matter what hand the dealer has. Even in case the dealer has got eight, nine or 10 it is wiser to stand and just hope that he would not get one more 10 instead of drawing another card. The players who do not have much experience can take this rule not seriously sometimes. They really should not do it.

Quit while you are still winning.

Of course losing and winning streaks will have a major effect on the player’s bankroll. That is why it is necessary to know what to do when he is up as well as what to do in case he gets down. The right thing to do is to quit while a player has a winning streak. A player should make a withdrawal as the good luck cannot lust for ever and the chances are to lose all the winnings if he does not quite in the right time. Also it is not wise to try to win back the winnings as it may lead to the opposite results. In such cases a player should rather take a break and come back to playing in some time.

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