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payment methods

The great advantage in an online casino is surely the relaxed atmosphere that you can enjoy from home. It is exciting when you start winning your favorite game and cash your money. However, in order to win real money, you have to use it first, because you can not win any real money. With the excitement and excitement you can often forget the most important thing, the money transfer and how your own money in the different casinos is lifted. It is important to take time to get to know each online casino, as well as the offered payment methods. On our website, you will find information about the payment methods offered under each casino valuation, and then we will give you an insight into the various payment methods.

Is your money safe?

All serious online casinos nowadays offer secure money transfer. In order to be truly secure, it is important to know that the different payment methods can only work together with certified and licensed casinos and can only be offered with safe handling. For example, there are rules and basic prerequisites for an online casino to be able to offer a VISA card. All of our online casinos offer this standard and differ only in the offer of different payment methods.

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Credit cards accepted

Payouts and withdrawals by credit card are not only the safest and most popular payment methods in the online casino, but also all over the Internet, whether you shop online or book a flight. All credit card providers have established standards that must be adhered to by the different online casinos so that a secure transfer can be ensured. Paying by credit card usually takes only a few minutes after the card verification and is therefore one of the fastest payment methods. It should be noted however, that the payout can take several days. This is not in the case of online casinos, but in international banking.

E-Wallet Solutions

E-Wallets means nothing but an online wallet and has been one of the most popular payment methods in the online market for several years. The principle is quite simple. You pay money via bank transfer or credit card into a virtual wallet at different providers. These providers first verify their own data based on security standards and then you can freely use your money and use it for any online payments. This is how you transfer your money from an e-wallet solution into an online casino. The big advantage is that the money is paid in seconds on your Casinoconto and is paid back within seconds and on your E-Wallet account. Due to the speed, many players prefer these payment methods, which can now be used in any country. For more information, see Skrill by Moneybookers and Neteller.

Bank transfer

Many players and Internet users still prefer the convenient and familiar money transfer via their own bank account. The clear advantage is, of course, that your own money is not handled by one third and you only transfer this between your own bank account and the Casinokonto. Most online casinos offer regular bank transfers, direct bank transfers or bank deposits via other online banks. However, you should pay attention to the different referral dates, because most casinos do not have a bank within Germany, so this is an international bank transfer.

ECORGA and VeriSign

Two additional security features for an online casino are eCORGA and VeriSign. ECORGA (eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) is an organization that checks and assures that the various online casinos of a responsible company practice, players and their data are protected general online security can be ensured. Added to this is the VeriSign stamp. Hereby, any online casino or payment method that is used confirms that all data is transmitted via a VeriSign SSL certificate and thus transmitted in encrypted form. Both symbols can usually be found at the end of each website, or the corresponding online casino can provide information on these features.