Bingo is without question the most popular games online and has been online for over 10 years. Nowadays there are separate networks where the games are offered around the clock. Many of our offered online casinos have a bingo area, but there are websites that focus on the popular lottery game. Find out all about the exciting game here and find the right online provider with us!

Play bingo online free

Although the rules are quite simple here, it makes sense to familiarize yourself with the game before you use your own money and risk it. Most online casinos and websites offer the customer the chance to test the different bingo games for free. These demo versions are played with game money and you do not bet with your own money, so you can not make any real money gains. The good thing about these free demo versions is that you can try the different versions of the game and play without any game limit. Furthermore you can get to know the online casino or the online provider, and thus determine if it is the appropriate website, without which one must have paid a deposit.

Bingo Bonus

Basically, you can say that you can find the best bonus on a page that focuses on bingo. So we find special providers and matching bonuses especially with Maria Bingo, Mammamia Bingo and Caliber Bingo. But also Unibet, Betsson and other online casinos offer here a special area and exclusive offers. The bonuses vary from page to page, ranging from gaming deposit bonuses to free playing cards. Nevertheless, you should assess a suitable site or online casino not only for the bonus offer. Also, it is important that the game offer is satisfactory for you and that you are comfortable in the area. For what would be the bonuses of this world without any playfulness?

Here you can play bingo online:

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Formation of bingo

The first bingo game dates back to the fifteenth century, where it was first used in Italy as a lottery game under the name of Lo Giuoco Code Loto. got known. Because of its popularity the game spread throughout Europe and then came from Germany to America. In the middle of the 19th century the success of the game exploded and new variants of this lottery game developed, so that it slowly developed into the game we know today. Today the game enjoys great popularity all over Europe and particularly in America. In congregations and bars, special evenings are offered and also in offline casinos there are special bingo nets. This is also the case in the online sector, where there is no limit to the variety of the game. Not only is the game a joyous experience, but it also has a social aspect, because offline and online, the same players find themselves to the same games again and form a kind of special society.


While there are numerous different bingo games, all are based on the same basic rules. All variants have fixed start times and before the game starts you have to buy a suitable playing card. Each game card consists of fields with randomly generated numbers. If you find the number on your card again, you can draw it off or it will be checked automatically online. The player who first eliminated all the numbers in a certain grid (for example: horizontal / vertical / diagonal line) is the winner of the game. The grid to match is different from game to game and is usually displayed in the game.

Online Bingo

Normally everyone has already played this game in his life or at least heard of the game. Nowadays, thanks to the different websites and online casinos, you get much more opportunities than in the offline area. First of all, the games are available around the clock and you can easily play from home. Furthermore, there is a big advantage to online bingo in comparison to offline games. There is a greater variety of games. Depending on what you prefer, you can play games with 30, 75, 80 or 90 balls and playing cards can already be played from as little as 0,50 & euro; Purchased. So you can play long and cheap bingo online.