Casino bonuses

Almost every online casino nowadays offers a casino bonus or welcome bonus for new customers. These bonuses will make you choose one casino over another. This creates a kind of competition between the casinos and we find numerous different bonus offers on the web. You will find that many bonuses resemble each other or match with each other, but there are also numerous Freiboni, Freispiels or high bonussums, which appear at first sight quite inviting. To help you get started in the bonus jungle, we offer you all the information about casino bonuses so you can find the right bonus!

What is a casino bonus?

casino bonuses

In general, a casino bonus is awarded to all customers who sign up for an online casino. These bonuses are most often associated with a deposit, so-called deposit bonuses or deposit bonuses, so you’ll end up paying more for your money. All casino bonuses or welcome bonuses are made up of 2 numbers. The first number describes the percentage of the bonus and the second number describes the maximum bonus amount that can be earned on a deposit. Most often you will find the 100% casino bonus of up to 100 € online, which serves as an example. The percentage of 100% is added to your deposit up to a maximum of 100 €. If you pay 200 €, then your deposit is 100% adjusted but only up to a maximum amount of 100 €.

However, if you pay less than 100 €, the total amount will be 100%. You decide your deposit amount yourself. However, since these deposit bonuses have a high maximum amount and can only be used once, we recommend always to deposit the full amount to get the maximum profit from the bonus. The extra money is just at a reboot in a new online casino handy, as one with the extra credit games and service can test.

What makes a good casino bonus?

As already mentioned, a casino bonus consists of two important figures, the percentage bonus amount and the maximum bonus amount. In general, you can say that the higher the two numbers, the more you earn on your deposit. Here are two examples for you:

Example 1:
You get a 50% casino bonus of up to € 100. This gives you a deposit of 100 €, 50 € free of charge, so that you have a total of 150 € to play.

Example 2:
You get a 200% bonus of up to € 200. If you pay 200 €, then you get € 200 bonus above and you have 400 € to play available.

How do you get a casino bonus?

First you should compare different casinos and bonus offers. Below is a table of recommended casino bonuses. The choice of a suitable casino should not be based solely on the amount of the bonus, but also on the service and the selection of the casino itself. On our site you will find a wide selection of casinos and a suitable rating to these, so it is easier to select a suitable casino. After you have decided on a casino, there are some steps you should consider to get your bonus:

1. Sign up for the casino of your choice and open a user account.
2. Make a deposit and then follow the bonus steps given by the casino. You may need to transfer the amount to a special casino account or use a bonus code when making your deposit. When you activate the bonus you should always have the possibility to enter a maximum amount for the bonus, depending on how much you want to reserve for the bonus.
3. Your deposit is then matched with the percentage amount and you can start playing. If the bonus is not automatically credited, we recommend you contact the customer service after a few minutes.
4. And you can play with your extra credit in the casino! Please note that you must meet certain sales conditions on most bonuses before you can make a payout.
Here are the best casino bonuses at a glance:

Casino Bonus Review Go to Casino


Up to 100% 200€ Bonus +10 freespins

Videoslots casino Play


Up to 100% 100€ Bonus +Lottery

RedStar casino Play


Up to 2000€ Bonus !

Casino-X Play


Up 100% to 100€ Bonus

RedBet Play


Up 100% to 300€ Bonus

Quasar Play


Up 100% to 2000€ Bonus

Joycasino Play


Up 100% to 100€ Bonus

Driftcasino Play


Up 100% to 400€ Bonus

ZigZag777 Play


Up to 1200€ Bonus +200 freespin

Casumo casino Play


Up 100% to 100€ Bonus


Are there any other advantages with a casino bonus?

In order to withstand the tough competition of the online casinos, many casinos offer a bonus bonus as well as a percentage deposit bonus. These occur most frequently in the form of examples of a particular game machine or of free credits. How many examples, at which video slot or how much an extra bonus is, varies depending on the casino. Nevertheless, this extra gift offers the opportunity to get to know a casino for free and to test games. Please note that even these “free” bonuses are linked to sales conditions and must be implemented before a withdrawal is possible.

What are bonus terms?

Every casino bonus always depends on so-called bonus or sales conditions. These consist of one reason to protect casino from bonus abuse and not incur losses. For example, if you receive a 100% bonus of € 5000 without bonus terms, you can deposit the amount and pay the total amount plus bonus directly, the casino would lose 5000 €. Many casinos tried to offer such bonuses in the past, but they were abused by many players.

The terms of sales usually indicate how often you need to convert a certain amount before a payout is possible. As a rule, there are two different models:

The bonus amount must be converted x times
The bonus and deposit amount must be converted x times
Each casino bonus has bonus terms, in which you can read the number and the model. We recommend that you always read this first before a bonus activation, so that you will not be disappointed in the afterwards. After the bonus conditions are implemented, you can then make a payout. Of course, you can pay out in advance, but you would lose the bonus amount. For detailed information about bonus terms, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Team.