Other games

Video poker is based on two of the most popular casinos, poker and the slot machines. The first video poker machines found their way into the offline casinos in the 70ies, where this gained high popularity, especially due to the high payouts. Each player was able to play poker alone here and in peace without sitting at a table with other players. Nowadays, we can look forward to video poker machines in offline and online casinos and in a variety of variations.

Bingo is without question the most popular games online and has been online for over 10 years. Nowadays there are separate networks where the games are offered around the clock. Many of our offered online casinos have a bingo area, but there are websites that focus on the popular lottery game. Find out all about the exciting game here and find the right online provider with us!

Baccarat originates from the European games «Chemin de fer» and «Punto Banco» and continues to be a mysterious game for many. This is quite a pity, because it is actually a fairly simple card game. Although baccarat seems quite complicated at first glance, we hope that our articles will prove the opposite. Here you can find an overview of the game, the basic rules and everything you always wanted to know about baccarat.

Craps online The dice game craps is a very old and popular Casinospiel, which is played with dedication and with lots of action. For this reason, the game may not be missing in any offline or online casino. If you are new to the craps section and have not played the game before, you will find all the information about rules, strategies and advantages of playing craps online.

Keno is a very traditional game that can be traced back to the Chinese lottery. Since that time, the game has been much further developed, until the game we know today. Nowadays, Keno is one of the most popular casino games, both in offline and online casinos, and so can not be missed here. With us you will find a first impression about the game, tips & amp; Tricks and the appropriate game rules to successfully play Keno.

Online betting Most offline and online casinos offer not only the classic casino and poker games, but also a more important area, the sports betting. Of course, there are not only sports betting, but also betting of a different kind from TV and often also from politics. Also known are the bets as odds. Under quotas you simply mean a percentage chance that something will happen. These odds, however, are not expressed as a percentage, but as a number which determines the betting rate. Based on this ratio the potential profit is calculated. The more difficult the bet or the chance of the event, the better and the better the odds. If you are new to sports betting, you will find here an overview of rules, betting options and everything you’ve always wanted to know about betting.